Getting psyched up

So, yes. I’m getting myself psyched for this year’s Nano. I have a few items that are in my to-do list that should help me prep for Nano, and I’m putting it up here for posterity’s sake:

  • Make a new layout for Seasonal Plume. Why is making a new layout supposed to help me psyche up for Nano? Simple. It’s something new and creative and will urge me to, well, write in this blog. Which means I have to have something to write about, right? Only I’m not entirely sure how I’d like the design. Keep this general layout? Return to a more traditional blog-type layout? I have no idea.
  • Choose a wiki for story notes et al. I’d always been so interested in wikis that I just know I must use one. A number of people at the Nano forums have recommended TiddlyWiki which sounds really good, but I’m wondering if the AJAXy component of it is a bit too “liquid” for me. I’ll have to play around with it first. The drawback of having a “traditional” wiki like MediaWiki (which I’m more used to, user-wise) or PmWiki (which I’ve installed before but have not been able to extensively use as much as the former).
  • Decide on a story. Yes, you heard that right. I have not decided. One of my ongoing projects (which never seem to be near completion) is writing in novel-format about certain events in my life. Think The Notebook. :p Yes, I am a sap like that. Only, obviously it is very personal, and how the hell am I supposed to write it? I’ve heard Nano tips that one shouldn’t write something very personal for Nano because it will make you very emotional and bog you down, and I have a feeling it’s true. But if not that, what? I will probably ramble about possible story ideas soon. (It should be soon, because it’s the middle of October already!)
  • Choose a software to write in. I’ve decided I won’t use Word. I’ve written short stories and poetry on Notepad, which serves my needs well (and being a web developer/designer, I’m more used to it). But I’m not sure if I’m ready to default to Notepad with a 50k-word novel, plus it’s such an elementary application that I don’t think it will serve my noval needs that well. Suggestions are welcome!
  • Figure out a physical battle plan. Meaning, when will I write? How will I write when I have a full-time job, I leave home at 6am and I get home at 9pm due to my horrendous travelling time? I can bring my darling Mr Darcy (my Toshiba Satellite M100) with me, but it’s not small enough to be working on while you’re on a bus (and neither do I want it on my lap while I’m working). It’s just not conducive to working. I think I should get my Palm Tungsten fixed, but that might take a few weeks yet, and I haven’t ever tried writing a story on it. I’d get annoyed at my slow-ness. Besides, I don’t work well creatively when there are many people about. So, when will I write? Will I be able to stick to writing a few thousand words everyday, even when I’m so tired I’d probably snap everyone’s head off?

Lists, lists.

One comment

  • A good software to write in is “Final Draft 7″… even the big stars use it. It is for screenwriters in the first place, but also it includes a novel-function and many others. Great thing, really!