NaNoWriMo …again

Yes, I caved. I signed up, yet again, for this year’s Nano. I don’t even really know what the hell I was thinking when I did. I found out that I apparently didn’t sign up last year. And that I don’t remember when I first signed up. See, I’m headed for another failure and it’s not yet even started!

Well, not entirely. I actually feel somewhat optimistic, that maybe this year I will be able to stick to writing. It’s just around 2,000 words a day. I write longer journal entries than that. I think I might be going at it all wrong for the previous years, too, and that it’s not such a big surprise I never write after the first week, because I’ve been going at it the wrong way.

I don’t know what the right way is, but I feel a little bit clearer on the whole battle plan/plan of action thing here.

What do I know about my recent writing? I haven’t written creatively for some time now — no full-length stories. I do enjoy the snippets I do from time to time; I enjoy writing them immensely, and I have deluded myself into thinking that most of them are good. I write rather copious amounts of journal entries. I have such an affinity for almost-lyrical prose.

So… that’s what I’ll do. I’ve been toying around with a few ideas on and off about what to write this month, trying to match it with how I know I am when I’m working, or basically doing anything. Previously, for NaNo, I used to make up outlines. This is this, that is that, this is my main character, yadda yadda yadda. But the thing is, I’ve never written with an outline before, and that with an outline, it was easier to skip to the “exciting” parts of the story when I’m writing it, as opposed to just letting the story write itself (like I used to do). I love post-its and I have a couple on my desktop, and while I’m walking or doing other things I sometimes think up phrases or situations or whathaveyous that sound good in a story — I’m scattered and disorganized like that, and I think I might work better like that.

And, well, we’ll see!

(Yes, this was a rather pointless drivel.)


  • I already did, D! :D!! You and Lenneth! ;) I’m getting quite, quite excited, even though I shouldn’t be because, hell, I don’t have an actual plot yet!

  • YOU CAN DO EEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT!! :D Friend me, I’m “hoshichan” <3

  • Hi, Rammi! I have a very vague idea where I want my story to go, usually, but I’ve never tried doing outlines before! I think it’s too “organized” for me, hee hee. At least when it comes to writing! Good luck to you, too! <3

  • I’m sure you’ll do well. :) Well, anyone who knows where their plot’s going will do well (unlike me). Writing the plot outline makes my head spin; I don’t know about you. :D Well, good luck!