It is the enemy!

I’m convinced real life is the worst enemy of writing. ;)

Alright, of course I’m kidding, but I had not been able to get much writing done at all! I don’t think I should keep posting my weekend plans for writing my Nano novel — I pretty much failed and was only able to write a little over a thousand words.

[pfmeter id=1 target=50000 progress=6819]

Six thousand eight hundred nineteen words, by mid-November. Although I think I have fared a little better this year than in the last years, that’s pathetic, really. Let’s see now. I was out the whole weekend — I was out with friends Saturday and I was out with family Sunday. I was too tired both nights to write. The same happened with Monday night, and last night I was out having prolonged coffee with Ana.

When I was younger I had bouts of staying up all night writing my stories. I’d like to be able to do that again (and I’m in a rather interesting part of the novel, even if it’s still only started!) but the thought of needing to travel 4 hours and work the next day is enough to make me decide that I need a good night’s rest.

I should really come up with a better plan than finish this many words over the weekend! Any ideas?

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