Two weeks of love

Love for travel and new experiences, that is.

Last year, I went to France and Italy with Ellen. We planned for a good many months and saved for more, but for two weeks, we were there, saying goodbye to spring and welcoming summer.

Day 0 - Arrival

Of course, I meant to write about it. But it was difficult: it was sad writing about it the weeks after the trip, because I wanted to be back there; and then it just got easier to remember it through a hazy cloud of nostalgia. Ellen has been writing little bits and pieces in her blog, though, so go and check that out! I feel quite ashamed. I should try, too–

–and so I’m resolving to write about it, in little chronological bits and pieces. Maybe I can relive a little bit of that dream, that excitement, that sense of wonderment–and take you all with me.

Happy Valentines, everyone. :)


  • It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time, and I’d love to read your view on everything that happened. :)

  • Hello Angela, it’s Clara! I haven’t heard from you in a while. Gasp, that is awesome! I’m so interested in going there but I don’t know how to plan it (how do I even book). I hope you blog about that too.

    Also, I’m starting a WordPress blog (after years) and I hope I can link you. Thanks! :)

    • Of course you can link me! Tell me about it too so I can link back <3 It's been a whiiiiile.

      That's a good idea, I'll make an entry on the preparations we went through, as well!

  • Oh France. <3 And Europe, in general. True, it was kind of hard to write about it after especially when what you really want to do is be back there instead.

    I'll go check the posts! And I'm looking forward to your posts too. :)

    • Thanks! Yeah, it was such a wonderful time na I couldn’t help but feel sad and happy and wistful thinking about it, even now, but especially back then.

  • Aww <3 yes please do write about it! looking forward to that.
    going through the photos make me so nostalgic, i want to be back there.