Two weeks of love

Love for travel and new experiences, that is.

Last year, I went to France and Italy with Ellen. We planned for a good many months and saved for more, but for two weeks, we were there, saying goodbye to spring and welcoming summer.

Day 0 - Arrival

Of course, I meant to write about it. But it was difficult: it was sad writing about it the weeks after the trip, because I wanted to be back there; and then it just got easier to remember it through a hazy cloud of nostalgia. Ellen has been writing little bits and pieces in her blog, though, so go and check that out! I feel quite ashamed. I should try, too–

–and so I’m resolving to write about it, in little chronological bits and pieces. Maybe I can relive a little bit of that dream, that excitement, that sense of wonderment–and take you all with me.

Happy Valentines, everyone. :)