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This week’s stash

There was an unexpected 20% off sale at Kinokuniya today, and I’m extremely glad I went. :D I found out only when I was paying for my stash. I’m almost insanely glad I did go ahead and got a lot of books, and am slightly sad I didn’t get another Hanadan volume to grace my shelves. But that’s okay–I shouldn’t spend too much on books. I shouldn’t! This week alone, I bought ten books. Four from the Carrefour books sale, and six from Kinokuniya.

I got these books at $5 at Carrefour:

All four are books I wouldn’t really buy at their usual prices, as I am always a bit skeptical. But they looked rather interesting and were in alright quality, so hey, why not? The stash from Kinokuniya were certainly more interesting for me:

I already bought Nix’s Mister Monday during my last trip to Kinokuniya, and finished it last night (easy, exciting read! Will review sometime), hence I went ahead and bought all the next ones. The available Superior Saturday was in a different edition, so I didn’t get it.

The best thing is, Breaking Dawn is also in tradeback! Like the rest of my Twilight Saga books. Squee! I haven’t started reading yet, because I’d like to finish Isabel Allende’s Zorro first, and Breaking Dawn is a thick book :P No spoilers please! I realize it disappointed a lot of people, but I’d really like to make my own opinions.

  • Since I’ve finished Twilight saga I’m kind of ‘bitin’… I’ve searched for something new about vampire romance & I found that I also liked Kerrelyn Sparks’ Love at Stake series (though I couldn’t find the first two books anymore here in the Phils.) But I’m hoping it’ll be coming back when her new sequel comes out in March. It’s more of an adult version of Twilight & I liked it!

    My interest was also captured by Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book (though I haven’t started reading it). (Not to mention I haven’t finished Inkheart, Eldest & The Lord of the Rings, I think I need some catching up to do…hehehe!)