Book whoring?

This is a sponsored review. Not paid, but otherwise sponsored. It still doesn’t mean I’m prodded to praise.

Being one of those people who pretty much devours books, when I heard of, I was immediately interested. I’m always teetering between taking a risk and buying an “unproven” book (read: a book written by an author I haven’t previously read) and leaving it on the shelf, except if they’re marked down or otherwise inexpensive enough to gamble on. (I have a couple of used books I bought on my long reading list, hehe.) Also, living all the way here in the Philippines, I have to admit it can be a challenge to find the books that I want. It can take me anywhere up to a few years to complete a series, for example. apparently gathers all prices of a certain book from different online shops and stores and finds you the most inexpensive one. I have to admit I was a little dubious at first at how best it could serve my needs, but I was pleasantly surprised — the price they give you can even include shipping options and even to your designated location (for me, I had to use the mostly catch-all “Asia”). You can even opt for used books. You can also put your selected books in a “cart” and have the system later on give you prices for buying everything from multiple stores, or everything from a single store. I was somewhat disappointed to find out you couldn’t customize a cartload of books’ shipping options when buying from multiple stores, so basically when it tells you that buying four books from multiple stores will cost you only $28, remember that it’s probably only shipping within the US. (Not a problem if you live there, of course.) The ability to also “import” an Amazon wishlist and have it compare prices for everything on a given wishlist can prove to be quite spiffy, although don’t expect to have it automatically enter your receiver’s shipping information when you go buy the book.

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