Book whoring?

This is a sponsored review. Not paid, but otherwise sponsored. It still doesn’t mean I’m prodded to praise.

Being one of those people who pretty much devours books, when I heard of, I was immediately interested. I’m always teetering between taking a risk and buying an “unproven” book (read: a book written by an author I haven’t previously read) and leaving it on the shelf, except if they’re marked down or otherwise inexpensive enough to gamble on. (I have a couple of used books I bought on my long reading list, hehe.) Also, living all the way here in the Philippines, I have to admit it can be a challenge to find the books that I want. It can take me anywhere up to a few years to complete a series, for example. apparently gathers all prices of a certain book from different online shops and stores and finds you the most inexpensive one. I have to admit I was a little dubious at first at how best it could serve my needs, but I was pleasantly surprised — the price they give you can even include shipping options and even to your designated location (for me, I had to use the mostly catch-all “Asia”). You can even opt for used books. You can also put your selected books in a “cart” and have the system later on give you prices for buying everything from multiple stores, or everything from a single store. I was somewhat disappointed to find out you couldn’t customize a cartload of books’ shipping options when buying from multiple stores, so basically when it tells you that buying four books from multiple stores will cost you only $28, remember that it’s probably only shipping within the US. (Not a problem if you live there, of course.) The ability to also “import” an Amazon wishlist and have it compare prices for everything on a given wishlist can prove to be quite spiffy, although don’t expect to have it automatically enter your receiver’s shipping information when you go buy the book.

I put the site to the test — I have this edition of the Stephen King’s The Dark Tower that I keep holding out for. I’ve only ever seen this edition on — I tried looking for it using Initial searching for “Dark Tower” only shows hardback, paperback, and audio CD — no different editions of the same type of printing. Nope, no dice. I went and got the ISBN, plugged it in the search, and finally got one! Not bad. It’s listed in quite a few other sites. *plots to buy!* Nevertheless, I think it would have been better if was able to cough out different editions of one book — not a big deal, but if we’re looking for some new feature to add, this would be it (in addition to the above shipping-to-not-US-locations).

The look has an AJAX-y sort of feel to it for some key areas, like adding to your multiple-comparison cart, searching, etc. Spiffy, but I think it could have been spiffy-er if the actual look of the website is as spiffy as the AJAX-y stuff it has. Some images feel too blurred and a bit random. And it’s only for 1024×768 screen resolutions — resizing to 800×600 creates horizontal scrollbars, and any wider/bigger leaves white space and headers/footers abruptly ending. The colors are good and easy on the eyes, however, and the text is easy to read.

I was mildly surprised with the lack of a “members” area, and while this isn’t such a big issue, it would be nice to be able to store your searches individually without relying on the multiple-item cart. But like I said, I think this isn’t by any means critical to the website — you just usually expect that sort of feature usually, that’s all.

That said, would I use this website? That depends. As a rule I don’t go for online shopping all that much, mostly because of the horrendous shipping fees I’d have to pay. But for stuff I’m looking for where editions are important (I’m sorry, I want my series to be in just one edition!) and they’re pretty much impossible to get here? I think I’m going to get that Dark Tower book with the help of this website right here.

Check this service out, especially if you like getting your books from the mail.


  • No worries, Lisa :x Yes, it’s difficult finding certain editions of books — I really wish there was an easier way. Amazon is great but there are some books that they don’t even list, but that may be just us folks from other countries ;) Hehe.

  • I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was arguing with your results. Sorry about that. I just buy a lot of books online so I was curious on what you heard back from them. :)

    Like you, I tend to collect certain editions & covers of books too. Unfortunately in some cases since I don’t own them & they are hard to find, I don’t always know the ISBNs. Plus some of them are pre-ISBN. It doesn’t help that Amazon’s ISBNs aren’t always entered. I only know this because I use a program that enters the data based off the ISBN & pulls the information from Amazon. There have been a lot of books that I’ve had to go to Amazon & find to get their ISBN only to find out it was the same cover & same publishing date but they didn’t have the ISBN listed. So I’d have to hand enter all the data.

    But I’m glad you did find your book! :)

  • My results? They’re basically what I mentioned up top: I only got three editions come up on searching for “Dark Tower”, which are the hardcover, paperback, and audio CD. The one I’m looking for, again, is this edition of paperback. I don’t think it should matter that “oh, but there’s already a paperback edition” since that’s bound to happen. You can search for the ISBN result and it shows up, but obviously this should have been available when I searched for the name.

    I’ve heard back from them already:

    About “The Dark Tower”: you mean like loooking for “the collection editon” and things like this. It will be great – if its not too much to ask, if you can send me the ISBN that you couldn’t find so we can check out what you meant.

    I sent them the information after, but that was all — the next email I got from them was a thank-you sort of email.

  • Maybe mine came up because there are so many editions still available. I did The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and it gave me 18 pages. Some of the covers I had never even seen before.

    I wish sites would have the option of reversing the publication date. I’d rather see the older editions first than the newer ones.

    I wish all sites would add the other site (like all the Amazon’s) because sometimes I can’t even find what I’m looking for at so I end up searching all the different ones individually.

    Please post your results when you hear back from them :)

  • Hi Lisa <3

    No, searching by title doesn't help. It comes up with a few editions (like I mentioned above) but not all the editions available in all stores. The DT edition I was looking for isn't available at, only at, so maybe they're possibly using to find out what editions are there.

    In any case has told me they're looking into it. :)

  • I’ve never heard of that site before so thanks for the link! I guess the way to search for different editions would be to search by Title. I did that for Narnia as a test & came up with a bunch of editions.