Recap week: games in 2010

20-sided diceWhen I was going back through my year for the recap week, the first thing I realized was: wow, I’ve done a lot of gaming in 2010! I tend to think that my gaming life revolves around World of Warcraft, but 2010 was filled with more than WoW.

For example, I’ve played (and learned) a number of tabletop/board games during the last lap of 2010. I’ve always liked board games, and always keen to give any sort of tabletop game a try; it’s just difficult to get folks together for it, especially in this age of computers and gaming consoles. My old favorite has always been Cluedo, and I’ve played a good deal of Settlers of Catan and Citadels while I was in the Philippines (along with the family staple Cashflow).

In addition, in 2010 I bought myself a Sony Playstation 3. Honestly, I actually wasn’t looking for a gaming console. I was looking for a DVD player. I was looking for cheapo DVD players, and reviews told me to get ones that can get close to HD, and then eventually I started thinking, well Blu-ray is backwards compatible, and wouldn’t it be cheaper in the long run to get a Bly-ray player? And then the PS3 Slim is among the top Blu-ray players (#2 according to CNET)…


So I got myself a PS3 Slim. :p

All that doesn’t mean to say that WoW has not been a staple for me in 2010. 2010 has been an interesting year in WoW for me; I’ve fluctuated between being really into the game as a raider, before getting worn out and disillusioned, and then coming back on and “struggling” with not letting myself get too caught up again. I bought a gaming headset, and a Razer Naga. I followed theorycrafting, planned my loot. I raided regularly, gave up loot for guildies, maxed out everything, even tried raid leading (raid leading with guildies = stressful; raid leading with pugs = who the hell cares, they don’t know you so you can actually get shit done). I spent countless hours gearing up. I loved my guild, I became an officer in my guild, I got stressed with my guild. I got my Cataclysm Collector’s Edition.

What a long, strange trip 2010 has been.

This week is recap week! Stay tuned for piecemeal recaps of how 2010 went for me.

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