Happy holidays!

Happy new year! And I hope you’ve all had a good holiday. My blog has obviously been on a bit of a holiday, too, but it’s time to come back down to the real world ;)

It’s been a good two weeks of holiday for me. I went back to the Philippines where I spent time with family and met with friends, as well as the usual shopping and errands. We had a generally quiet Christmas and New Year celebration, having relatives over the day of and other relatives calling over from overseas. I cooked my version of The Meatloaf, and baked a banana loaf for the first time. I dare say I’ve gained quite a few pounds :/

Christmas stash! I loff my family <3 Lunch with relatives Banana loaf and cookies! Our first shot at baking

On the health side though, my family tried out those Ion Cleanse foot bath/spas around, as well as those foot detox pads. Jury is still out, but rather promising, I think. My mom has seen more improvement with the detox pads than I have, so I’m just going along with it to see if it’s better later on.

We played quite a number of tabletop games, notably Settlers of Catan, Citadels, and of course, Cashflow. Tabletop and board games are things that I don’t really get to do while I’m here in Singapore, since most people prefer the instant gratification of Xboxes and PS3s, but I got plenty of it while back home. I also couldn’t pass up one round of Cluedo, my old favorite. They have intrigue cards now :O

Citadels card game with the family Settlers of Catan with @thankyougravity, Ate and Mom Cashflow game with relatives

We also watched Emma and Jane Eyre while I was there, Emma because my sister hasn’t watched it, and Jane Eyre because Tien hasn’t! Biel watched both and I’m happy that she has found understanding and enjoyment of the miniseries as well ;) she used to get bored and annoyed when Ate and I would watch period miniseries before :x And one mustn’t forget the in-flight movies. Eat Pray Love on the way to the Philippines, and Inception on the way back. I missed a big chunk of the middle, though. :/

Today, though, it is time for some spring cleaning. I cleaned before I left for the holidays, but I’m eyeing a couple of things that need to go and need to be done: like my sad monitor that keeps flickering, like the pile of clothes that need ironing.

It’s time to start the year right! And these two weeks will be just that: a time of introspection, and of looking forward. This week is recap week, culminating with a life-year recap next Monday, and the week after is resolution week.

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  • happy holidays angela!! i wrote you something over at google docs.

    may naisip pa pala ako, would you agree na we partially couch surf and partially stay at a flat on our 1st destination (and all sana kung may mahanap ako) NAGMAHAL NA YUNG MGA PRESYO EH.

    i’m a verified member na so i can search for couches :) what are your concerns? (females only? families preferable? literal “couch” ok lang? sa living room nila ok lang?) reply ka na lang dun! hehe thanks.