DM of the Rings

I realize this is like, four years late–but I found this gem a few days ago and it’s THAT good. DM of the Rings is a web comic by Shamus Young that wonders–what if Lord of the Rings was turned into a tabletop D&D game? What would the dungeon master and his players have done?

I’ve never played traditional tabletop D&D (almost want to give it a try now!) but this comic has been a hilarious ride from the first strip ’til the last (it probably helps that I do play computer RPGs). I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud from reading a web comic as much as I have with this one. There are references to pretty much any popular topic somewhere in the strip, which led to the aforementioned chuckling. Also hilarious and interesting are the commentary on each comic, either by Shamus himself or his readers.

It’s definitely worth a read: if you like LotR, or D&D/RPGs, but especially if both!

Preview of DM of the Rings

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