Yahoo! PH Developers’ Evening

I flew home to the Philippines on Thursday for the Developers’ Evening with Yahoo! Philippines (which I blogged about here), and met quite a number of Philippine web developers and chatted up a couple of friends in the web industry.

Sharing the the Yahoo! Developer Network with RP developers - photo by Jem Seow

The event is basically a networking session with Philippine developers, with a bit of overview on what YDN is: a free resource for web developers that contains not just information, documentation, and tutorials on the various APIs Yahoo! has, but also a couple of tools and articles to help developers (like YUI <3).

There were lots of shop talk, which was definitely fun and a lot more of the same would be fabulous. :D I’ve never really attended networking sessions before, as I’m generally a bit of an introvert when it comes to approaching people and introducing myself, but the night went quite well and I had a great time. I hope everyone else who was part of it felt the same. :)

As I had a pretty busy week last week due to the event preparations and travel, I hadn’t been able to work on last week’s Frontend Friday! Sorry about that, but I promise I’ll have something this week, and will also prep for next week’s FF (I will be Internet-less next week (save for when I’m at the office) due to moving out!).


  • Thanks, Marie! Yeah, most developers probably aren’t too inclined to socialize outside of their comfort zone. I still feel that talking through the computer is easier by far ;)

  • Gosh, I’d say most programmers aren’t naturally inclined to do networking. I’m usually the “frontman” and I can deal with PR and all that but for the others, I can see it was intimidating, you really have to make an effort and reach out to them. It’d probably be easier for them… if something else was going on like a band or boring video (LOL) instead of outright networking on the agenda. But YOU did a fine job at reaching out!

  • You too, Bob! If you remember the Design Pattern library I mentioned that night, here it is–might be interesting to you and your students.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help! :)

  • Nice meeting you there, Angela! Til next time. Still pondering on YUI and how it can be of help to our multimedia arts students. Thanks!