Frontend Friday: Got questions?

For this week, I’m doing a free-for-all: if you have something you’re curious about in terms of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, post your question in the comments and I’ll cover your question in future Frontend Fridays. Nothing is “too simple”, so feel free to post questions (please try to keep clear of Enthusiast-only questions though! ;) ).

The reason for this (rather abrupt) post is that due to my rather freaky schedule this week (I’m moving by end of the month, and we’re hopefully signing a tenancy agreement this coming Monday, finally), I wasn’t able to prepare for this week’s Frontend Friday. I had a draft in the works but unfortunately, it needs more research than I have time for this week.

Let me know in the comments! :)


  • Huh, thanks for pointing that out! I’ve no idea why comments were closed for that entry. It’s been opened :)

    That’s a good point you make, and I agree–AJAX is something that’s been hyped to hell and back, and people usually fail to see the technical origins/truth of it, which is usually rather unglamorous.

    I believe though that usage of AJAX is relatively new technology, in the sense that it’s only become popular fairly recently.

    Web 2.0 on the other hand, is a mix of new (data/design/business/social) trends and techniques, one of which is the usage of AJAX.

  • HI,

    since the comments are closed on the other blog post related to alex’s comment on this topic, I thought I would post my comment here regarding your other blog post.

    IMHO, AJAX is being misconstrued as a new technology (in business sense) , or AJAX is web 2.0 .
    But actually, AJAX is just Javascript’s XmlhttpRequest Object.

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  • Are you able to help with PHP too? I’m having trouble making a PHP contact form where the variables go to a database instead of email.

  • Hi, I just wanted to know how you decide how much AJAX is too much AJAX? :) You don’t seem to use much (if any) on this website. :)