New Books

I brought two new books this week, both of which I have high hopes for:

Meng at Booklisters told me that the third person perspective doesn’t work for Janet Fitch’s style. I haven’t started reading it yet, but I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint too badly.

When I browse books, though, I always write down in a list the books that sound interesting, that I want to read reviews of before I decide to get. Some of these I’ve written down quite some time ago and I’m almost positive I won’t see these books again, but never mind that. I wanted to share the list I have, just in case anyone had read it and can offer a personal recommendation (or warning!). For some of them, I don’t even remember anymore what the book is about!

  1. The Brontë Project, Jennifer Vandever
  2. Memoirs of a Muse, Lara Vapnyar
  3. The Truth About Ruby Valentine, Alison Bond
  4. Notes on a Scandal, Zoe Heller
  5. Windflower, Nick Bantock
  6. The Republic of Trees, Sam Taylor
  7. Pemberley, Emma Tennant
  8. The Sultan’s Seal, Jenny White

I’ve also posted about this in Booklisters, which might possibly also yield a few recommendations/warnings. :)

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