Life whirling by

Last week, and the days leading up to it, was crazy. My father was here last weekend after a business trip in Malaysia, and I got sick twice last week. I know that’s not really much of an excuse for not scheduling posts up, seeing as I did get to raid on Wednesday and Thursday (Kingslayer!), but there it is, nonetheless.

Dad has been here a couple of times, so we didn’t really do a lot of touristy things. He did a bit of shopping, we went for reflexology (I should really go more often–my parents have paid up for a good number of sessions), and we had a game in Settlers’ Cafe. At night he played through all the demos I downloaded in my Playsation 3, lol.

I accompanied him to the airport to send him off in the wee hours of Monday morning, got chilled by the almost-empty morning train on the way back, and then got rather soaked with the sudden downpour of rain when I got out of the station. Never underestimate Singapore weather, folks. Fact.

In any case, today marks the first day of NaNoWriMo. The plan as it stands now is virtually nonexistent. I haven’t done a lot of research, so my novel/first draft will be fantastically crappy; I crammed some research yesterday, which only made me feel a lot more unprepared (how do they count years? what is the marriageable age? when are the men considered adults, and the women?). Which should be okay, as long as I get somewhere with the story, yes? I’m planning to try and get around a thousand words written in the morning, and another thousand at night, which would result in 2,000 words a day: a good number over the minimum words a day (1,667). This should be interesting.

Over the weekend I’ve also tried to do a couple of scheduled posts, although I’m planning to give myself a bit of slack if I miss a week or so. To be honest, I have a lot of post ideas in my calendar, just haven’t the time to develop them all. Sometimes, it does feel a bit like a “job”, but it’s a nice sort of job. A job I can ignore for a while ;)

There will be plenty of means to procrastinate this November, which means my work is cut out for me ;)