MacUpdate Parallels bundle

Kelvin told me that the MacUpdate Parallels bundle went live yesterday, and I caved and bought it last night. The current bundle, which will continue to run for 12 days (at the time of this writing), contains the following gems:

The latter three are currently still unlocked at the moment, with them getting unlocked once the 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 bundles have been sold, respectively.

Personally, I’m interested in the following applications:

  • Hazel – looks like this is the ultimate app to have if you’re obsessive compulsive ;) the tagline is “personal Max OS X housekeeper”, and while application deletion is already handled by AppZapper (which I bought in the MacHeist bundle before), this still looks like a good application to invest in.
  • MenuCalendarClock – I’ll admit I’ve never used iCal and Address Book all that much, but with this application it looks like I’ll be using them a lot more now. I love being able to see to-do lists and events right when I login, something that I once had on my Windows PC.
  • StoryMill – for anyone who knows me, you’d know why this is interesting ;) novel writing software! Looks pretty nifty, allowing you to organize characters, scenes, etc.
  • Typinator – for shorter keystrokes all over! I’ll have to see how this works with me typing half the time in a different language. Actually, it just fixed one typo I had while writing this entry, from “hvae” to “have”. ;) Nifty!
  • DVDRemaster Pro – DVD backups anyone? This is an important utility and it looks to be pretty robust.
  • Parallels Desktop – of course. I need IE for testing. Booting up in another OS wastes a lot of time. This will be cool once it’s unlocked!

I plan to review each application in my interested-in list as I play a bit with it over the next few days, so check back if you’re interested. :) I’ll try to do the other applications, so let me know which you’re interested in, but no promises!

Go check the promo bundle out yourself! ;)

Edited to add: I’ve started reviewing! Click to see the reviews, if you haven’t decided on getting the bundle yet: