Blogs vs brochure websites

Indisguise.orgOver the last few weeks, I’ve started reviving my portfolio, as it’s been sitting rather lonely for a while. I’ve realized, however, that it’s been a while since I’ve done a revamp of a non-blog website; for a while back (maybe three-odd years back?), non-blog websites formed the bulk of my designing and revamping.

I’ve realized that designing for non-blog websites is something I actually miss, as it is quite fun. I can compare blog vs “brochure” websites to something like making wallpapers vs making icons and avatars.

On the whole, blogs are fairly straightforward, with your focus on making sure that the content is well-presented no matter how long (or short) it is. You theoretically have a lot of space to play with and move about in, but you also have a lot of space to fill. You think about readability and getting the most fresh content out there.

Brochure-type websites give you a little more leeway with creativity on how, and how much of the content, to present. You theoretically have a more compact space, even if you don’t stick to a single-page style. You think about grabbing the visitor’s attention, in order to intrigue them enough to want to dig deeper.

I don’t know which I prefer at this point, but I know I’ve missed doing smaller websites. <3