(This is a paid review, but it doesn’t mean I’m being paid to praise.)

As some of you might know, I’d been thinking and planning on putting book, book adaptation, and otherwise-literary-schtuff reviews here on my writing site/blog, which I started with my review of BBC One’s Jane Eyre adaptation. I have a few half-reviews written from my old site, which I also plan on putting up here at one time or another. That said, when I read on Danielle’s blog about ReviewMe, I was intrigued and I certainly wanted to see where it would go.

ReviewMe is this interesting service where Advertisers can basically “hire” bloggers to write reviews of their products. They can browse a list of websites according to category, choose a website/blogger, and have that blogger write for them. It sounds really fishy, but as Danielle pointed out, ReviewMe prohibits advertisers from requiring their reviewers to write a positive review. Hence, if the product is actually crappy, I wouldn’t be compelled to slave away for hours to come up with 200 words of half-truths.

I was so in.

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