Prince Caspian

I watched Prince Caspian with friends last Thursday at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. Like previously mentioned, I’m not a book purist, but there is that line that mustn’t be crossed when we’re talking above movie adaptations of well-loved books. While Prince Caspian was not unsalvagable, I didn’t care overmuch about a few of the glaring differences.

(Warning: spoilers ahead!)

I didn’t mind that they “hurried” the children’s arrival in Narnia, that certain events (well, almost all events) became rather jumbled, that they added fight scenes where there was none (a bit on the fence with that one, though). I liked how Susan was in the midst of the fighting. I don’t even mind how far they got the White Witch present in the movie, and I actually like that because I rather like how Edmund was the one to resolve that issue, and his quip “Yeah, I know. You had it sorted” was good and well delivered. Being the one who suffered under the White Witch’s “affections”, it felt apt to have him deal that blow.

(I shall have to watch Skandar Keynes, who played Edmund–seems to be shaping up to be a good actor.)

But I do mind that they added a Caspian/Susan twist, and topped it all off with a kiss. Yes, I notice the tension between them, and yes, I laughed when Lucy exclaimed, “‘You might need to call me again’?!” The tension is enough, thankyouverymuch. I didn’t need to see the kiss. I’m not a prude–I like a good kiss–but you know that feeling that it just isn’t right? That’s how I felt. Maybe it was not handled well enough by the actors and/or the scriptwriters, I don’t know; but all in all I had much rather they left the kiss off.

Peter and Caspian, as well, felt like two teenage boys with these oversized egos. I realize they’re teenage boys trying to find their place in the world, but it just felt like they were immature kids, and their “bickering” was annoying. Is it just that the acting wasn’t good enough? It’s good to have a bit of rivalry within the ranks, but if they did this to just add some grittiness to the story, then it was poorly written/done.

Thank goodness there was plenty to save this movie: Reepicheep is wonderful, and I knew something was up with Nikabrik–I only found out afterward that it was actually Warwick Davis, of Willow fame! I have to say it is odd to have him play a villain, but maybe that’s why they made him practically unrecognizable? (His eyes almost gave him away though; I just knew that I knew that actor.)

Lucy and Edmund are wonderful in this film, as is Georgie Henley and Skandar. Great acting, and I have to say my favorite lines are from the two of them, like Lucy’s aforementioned “You might need to call me again” outburst, and gems like this from Edmund:

King Miraz: Tell me, Prince Edmund…
Edmund Pevensie: King.
King Miraz: I beg your Pardon.
Edmund Pevensie: It’s King Edmund, actually. Just King though. Peter’s the High King. (Pause) I know, it’s confusing.

If you’re a Narnia fan, then it’s a given: you should watch this movie. Just don’t expect a lot from it.

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