Slowly but surely

I was able to write a bit yesterday, and although I’m still quite behind, I feel a bit of optimism, still. I’m now at 5,716 words, and I only had to stop writing yesterday not because I was all out of words or anything but because of external factors like I need to go, etc. Yay!

[pfmeter id=1 target=50000 progress=5716]

Obviously I have high hopes for the next few days, or the weekend. I don’t know if I’ll be able to fully catch up with my word count, but who knows? If my schedule cooperates I just might be able to make the needed word count or even over. ;)

One thing that dampers me, however, is that I need a language. I was able to skim some language-creation articles, but haven’t been able to actually sit down and work it through. I need the language for the story, obviously! Since I’m writing a fantasy, it’s pretty much needed. So far I’ve been able to keep them from saying anything in the other language — or at least nothing that I have to write (I plan to only write in the other language if I mean it to be indistinguishable to the reader or the character whose head I’m currently in; so for example we’re in Alexander’s point of view, we’d see the native language of the island in English).

I still don’t have a final name for the island, or for the queen, or for the inhabitants. For now I’m rehashing the old names — Chimerage, Lilymirth, and faeries. I don’t want to say faeries because they’re so damn used everywhere already. Eww.

I haven’t talked about my Nano story at length yet, have I? I should talk first about the older short story it’s coming from, but I’ll do that some other time. :)