Trudge trudge trudge

I haven’t written more than once since my last post, and it was a very short session which brought my total to a paltry 4,404.

[pfmeter id=1 target=50000 progress=4404]

I am lagging behind, quite obviously, and need around 12,000 words to catch up. Meeep. I have realized two things: 1) the Internet is an evil, evil thing and 2) my organized side is rearing its “ugly” head and forcing me to write the story in order (again) when I’ve already decided I was going to do it the way I’ve always written and finished stories, which is to write it in mixed order as I felt like it. I am reverting! Someone save me! Help!

Seriously, though, I feel much better about this brand-new resolve. I have to keep remembering it if I’m to finish anything. I am in extreme envy of those who have already met half their 50k! Damn, I want to have time to myself so that I force myself to write. After all, one can always edit afterward. Rawr!

Ahem. Now, I shall disconnect myself from the trusty DSL and force myself to write disjointed scenes until the words blur on the screen. Toodles!

Edit: No, I ended up not writing. I did a last check of my email, and when I got Mr. Darcy (my laptop) up to my room, it was well past midnight and I had to get up at 5am today. Sob. See, the intarwebz is ebil!