BookMooch trial run

So with the number of books on my shelf–and some duplicates, really–I thought I’d finally give this BookMooch thing a try. I’m never really able to throw my books away, it is just too cruel, really. And it would certainly be nice to be able to give these books to people who actually want them. So I’m giving this a shot. If anyone else if on there, I’m angelamaria on there; feel free to add me.

I’ve already listed a couple of books I have on hand to send off, and gotten a request for one of them too. This is quite exciting! I have yet to add books to my wishlist, tsk tsk. But I’ll get my wishlist populated at some point. It’s difficult when some of the books I’m looking for are stuff in a particular edition!

That said, their website could certainly use a bit of…sprucing up. I’ve been searching high and low for some way to get the books I’m listing on there here on, but their website is a bit of a maze. I finally find the widgets page–and the widgets leave much to be desired. I finally find the API page, but there is no API for getting books in someone’s inventory! I finally stumble on my inventory page and saw the unobtrusive RSS icon. I will have to see how well I can use that information. (Sadly, there is no “condition” field in the RSS. But that’s the field I want! Sob.)

Now. Do I add the books I have that sadly I don’t think I’ll ever get to read? Hrmm.