What’s in my bag

I don’t know what it is about handbags, but there has always been a huge attraction between girls and bags. Maybe it’s because as children, we wanted to be like our mommies, and mommies always carry handbags along. My sister is often the butt of jokes regarding handbags–does she have a flat clothes iron in there? (She used to bring along practically everything, like staplers and whatnot. I don’t know if she still does that…)

Well, because I have a pretty new bag, it felt like a good time to go through my bag and show what I bring along on a regular basis!

What's in my bag (April 2011)

Contents of doom!

  • Obviously, my camera isn’t here. Because I was using it to take this photo!
  • Why yes, that is a fluffy sock I use to wrap one of my lenses…
  • I don’t know why I have three different brands of pain killers with me: Dolfenal, Advil (my last one!) and Panadol. Uh, at least I have multiple fallbacks?
  • I know, I have pens but I have no notebook. I need to rectify that soon.
  • I seem to cut myself on the weirdest things, which is why I have Betadine and band aid in my kikay kit. And yes, I end up using it a few times…like just last week. (I also have a box of band aids in my office drawers…)

There are a couple things I want to bring/add to that list, but I haven’t yet because I haven’t found the right items–space and weight is at a premium, they have to be just right. Stuff like a small notebook and a good cheek stain. I daresay I have room for a book in there, but with the camera in the bag, books are a bit heavy–especially since I am reading The Wheel of Time currently -_-;; I need to find a smaller umbrella too, but I am reluctant to part with automatic models :s

So that is what’s in my bag. What’s in yours?