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Angela I'm Angela. I've been blogging on and off, but I've always been around. I like rambling about anything that strikes my fancy, be it personal endeavors, geeky pursuits, books I'm reading, writing attempts, occasional travel, and the games I play.



The hat with floppy ears

This has always been a rather blank page, mostly because I’ve fallen out of the “art” of talking about myself on websites. It felt so easy back in the days of purple backgrounds and cyan text, and stories about Barbies and Kens and teenyboppery love. (I’m kidding. We didn’t have the Internet when I started writing as a kid.) So let’s see.

I’m Angela. I love the Internet, good books, and good food. I don’t like pretentious people and bad grammar. I’ve been writing since I was seven, and making websites since I was 15, back in 1998 when we got an Internet connection. I grew up in the Philippines, and started working in the IT industry when I graduated with a Computer Science degree. Right now I’m working at Yahoo! as a web developer and I have moved to Singapore for it. I tinker with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in my day job. I play with them as a hobby, along with PHP. ♥

As a geek

I’ve been making websites in 1998. My first website was a gaudy concoction of purple velvet tiled background, with Courier New text in cyan, yellow, pink, and neon green. I learned from–drumroll please–Microsoft Word. I made my first page in it, and promptly got annoyed that it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. So I opened up its guts in Notepad, read tutorials and articles online, studied the source of websites I liked the look of…and the rest is history.

Making websites has always been a hobby for me. I like programming, but like web programming and marking up websites the most because the result is (relatively) instantaneous (instant gratification ftw). Plus, you can’t say no to The Shiny! I’ve done, and closed, and continue to maintain countless websites–from portfolio/collectives to communities to fanlistings to blogs to resource sites. I even have a few linkware scripts up for download at my scripts archive.

As a reader

I’ve always been an avid reader. The first book I’ve read on my own was The Elves and the Shoemaker, and one of my prized possessions as a child was a thick, heavy, hard-bound volume of children’s stories–not just your usual Snow White and the Seven Dwarves but also goodies like Donkey Skin. I grew up with Nancy Drew and the adolesence of the Wakefield twins, and annoyed my mother no end when, after buying a book, I would have finished it by the time the two-hour drive from the city was over.

My tastes continue to be relatively varied–I enjoy almost any book, from medical thrillers to historical romances–but I most enjoy fantasy and young adult fantasy novels, and novels with a dash of magical realism. I like distinctive, lyrical prose, and strong female leads with strong male foils. I am a fan of many things, but I generally avoid fandom.

My favorite books, now, that would be a very long list, and constantly being updated. Classics like Pride and Prejudice (Austen), Persuasion (Austen), Jane Eyre (Bronte), the Chronicles of Narnia (Lewis), and the Lord of the Rings (Tolkien) all have a firm placement in that list, as well as standard YA and fantasy fare like the Chronicles of Prydain (Alexander), the Old Kingdom (or Abhorsen) trilogy (Nix), the Hunger Games trilogy (Collins), the Temeraire series (Novak), the Harry Potter books (Rowling), the Dark is Rising sequence (Cooper), the Earthsea cycle (Le Guin), and the Song of the Lioness quartet (Pierce). Deviating from the norm, I also count The Hot Zone (Preston), White Oleander (Fitch), The Thirteenth Tale (Setterfield), the Dark Tower epic, and the Thursday Next books (Fforde).

Now I really have to stop adding books to that list…

As a writer

I haven’t written anything of significant length (that is not a journal entry) since I was in fourth year high school (when I was 16). Since then, I have written a few poems, and the very random and sporadic short story. But reading and writing is my first love; I’m just “out of practice” when it comes to creative writing. I’m seeking to correct that.

My first story was one where my sister’s Kira and Ken and my own Barbie and Ken(…ji, since we can’t really have two male dolls of the same name, can we? So mine was Kenji!) along with their younger sisters (read: other dolls) go on a hiking trip. The girls get lost, the women faint, and the men save the girls from being sacrificed alive to the scorpion god. Fun! Then they all go back home in a helicopter.

It was very well received by my family. (How could they not?) My sister and I went on to making plays. I continued on to write stories. Teenyboppery stories, of high school girls in love/hate situations where the boy is actually really crazy about them… back when I pretty much had no knowledge of love ;)

By the time I was (actually) in high school, my stories then took on another turn, infused with a lot of fantasy elements. I published a short story trilogy in the school newspaper where I also served, first as a staffer and then literary editor, and then on to being editor-in-chief. Everything else (maybe around, oh, a dozen stories) was always in perpetual sprucing-up-phase.

And in college? I took up Computer Science, which led me far from my literary aspirations (long story there). I also discovered that thing called a Boyfriend, and alas, he wasn’t inclined towards intellectual discourse and the intricacies of plots. But well, Because I Loved Him™ I didn’t mind, then. Until I woke up, of course. By then I was deep in college thesis, and then work.

Now, I’m working to reclaim that which I’ve forgotten: that easy flow from ideas to written words, that mindset of one who writes, the habits that one accustomed to writing has. It’s not easy, battling with responsibilities, a social life, work, and other hobbies. But it’ll get there in time, and the journey, I know, will always be thrilling.

As a gamer

Everyone likes gaming, to some extent, be is casual gaming or something more involved. I like board games, casual games, and the more involved role-playing games (but have never tried tabletop). My favorite board game is Cluedo (now shortened to just “Clue”), I devour a good number of casual iPhone games, enjoy Echo Bazaar immensely, have many good memories of Diablo 2, and is an active raider (in a casual-but-serious capacity) in World of Warcraft.

I love games for their storyline. In the past, I’ve always cheated just to get ahead in the story ;) that makes me a very horrid player, I know. I’m getting punished for it now that I’ve also started playing StarCraft II with friends, but then I’ve always been relatively bad with real-time strategy games.

angela is

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“I keep turning over new leaves, and spoiling them, as I used to spoil my copybooks; and I make so many beginnings there never will be an end.”

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