Brisbane, Queensland

I spent the first part of my Australia trip last November 2013 in Brisbane, Queensland, where I visited with my good friend Kim. No trip to Australia would be complete without finally meeting her!

And so I had my first glimpses of Australian city life. It was summertime and it felt like summertime in Brisbane. It is the third most populous city in Australia and the city hugs the Brisbane river, for which it is named. We took the CityCat a few times.


I didn’t realize the “Cat” stood for “catamaran”. I had been wondering why it was called a cat, when it looked nothing like a cat to me.

The Brisbane river is wide and vast and fantastic. There are sharks in it. We didn’t see any.

Brisbane CBD and Victoria Bridge

The City Hall was newly renovated. They had an exhibit on the history of the river.

Brisbane City Hall clock tower
Hello Mr. Lion
A timeline of the river

Also on display then, was Stephen Hart’s Fellow Humans exhibit, where he takes 3D models of real people and creates a miniature version of them. Tools, process, and anecdotes line the walls of the room. I always love interesting sculpture work.

Stephen Hart's Fellow Humans exhibit
The sculptor himself

We also did a lot of walking outside. At some point we got a little lost, but thankfully Kim has a map-view brain as opposed to my street-view one.

Wheel of Brisbane
Above the markets
Overhead Brisbane Central Station
Anzac Memorial
Cathedral of St Stephen
Cathedral of St Stephen, inside

We also had good food, both outside in restaurants, and when Kim’s mother, Judy, cooked for us. I don’t have photos of our homecooked food. I should have taken some photos, too.

Here, have some steak from Cove Bar and Dining. Cove steak, chips, and salad — 250g John Dee rib fillet, kipfler potatoes, shallot sour cream, bacon powder (that tasted nothing like bacon), and mustard cress salad.


We also went to Shingle Inn at the Brisbane City Hall, which was done up so nice and lovely.

Shingle Inn

I had Confit Duck Maryland circa 1950’s — duck with watercress and orange salad, served with a seeded mustard vinaigrette. Delicious, falling-off-the-bone duck, tangy salad. Perfect.

Confit Duck Maryland circa 1950’s

And a banoffee pie, which was to die for.

Banoffee pie

It’s so good it deserves an in-progress shot. I mean, look at that inside. Heavenly.

Banoffee pie, half gone

Goodbye, Brisbane. Maybe someday I’ll be back :)

Goodbye Brisbane CBD


  • Love the photos! I have never been to Brisbane before, but it does look interesting. :D It is really wonderful that you were also able to meet your friend, those moments are really precious. :’)

    • I would say Sydney and Melbourne does have more touristy places than Brisbane, but it’s definitely worth a stop! I believe they are more sports oriented, so that is something. And there is always the Australia Zoo and nearby Gold Coast to look forward to! :)