Looking forward to Cataclysm

There is roughly two to three weeks left before the world (of Warcraft) is rent asunder by the great Cataclysm, resulting in changes that we can only imagine (well, some are actually living it in beta servers, but never mind).

I’m torn between feeling panic (that I am not ready) and impatience (why can’t it happen now?!). I’ve been carefully tempering my WoW playing time to allow for my other hobbies and activities to play catch-up, so I’ve never been able to get much headway with my bucket list; at the same time, raiding in-guild is erratic as most people are just waiting for Cataclysm to hit.

There’s also a certain degree of worry, though. I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition (as I wanted Li’l Deathchin, who is adorable), and Amazon is telling me that arrival estimate is December 10-14. That means it’s possible my friends will have been playing a week (!!) before I even get it installed! D:

*starts plotting*

So right now, I have two 80s. I’m planning to divide my time somewhat evenly between them, so that they both get to 85 at roughly the same time. And then in the midst of getting all geared up for raiding, I’m going to be unoriginal and roll a Worgen druid. Honestly, the little thing is sadly confused. Am I a human? Wolf? Bear? Cat? Turkeyowlchicken? (I would add “tree” to the list, but no more. Sob.)

But for now, at the very least, I need to get as much justice points as I can before the raiding grind happens, for starter blues when I hit 85. Bye bye epics. It was good while it lasted.


  • I’m still on the process of having a large debate with myself on whether I’m subscribing to wow or not. XD

    Everybody plays wow, now. XD

    • Haha! Well, it would be a good time now to get it, lots would be creating new characters to level from 1, I think. I know I am :D