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Good Changes: On Becoming a Yahoo

I haven’t been able to do any proper public blogging (or much hobby design or development work, for that matter) for a while now because of some pretty exciting developments so far: I have been in Singapore since early last week, and I have just started working as a web developer/front-end engineer for Yahoo! Southeast Asia. My best friends will now be HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a little PHP. Words cannot completely express my excitement and anticipation at this new opportunity! I will now proceed to pepper my statements with exclamation points!!

Kidding aside, I’m still easing into everything, and even when I’ve been here for a longer period of time, I still won’t be able to go into a lot of details about work in Yahoo!, but what does this mean for my hobby work, my linkware scripts, this blog and scripts archive?

It means I’ll probably be a bit more exposed to new and emerging web trends and technologies and techniques, revolving around how things look, usability, accessibility, and stuff like that. That’s quite a bit more time to immerse myself with web things, which I have always wanted to do, and might probably impact either blog posts here or scripts I create/update (hopefully for the better! ;)).

It will hopefully mean that as my involvement with work!PHP will be lesser this time around, I might have more interest in working with PHP in my own free time. A lot of the development for my scripts have stalled because of two things: work (and travel to/from it) keeps me busy, and when I do get time to putty around, I don’t feel like working with the same things I’ve been working with the whole week (read: PHP). That’s just the way it really is. I’m hoping that my love for PHP work/coding gets revived (not that it really died, but you know what I mean) and that I can finally push in a lot of the things I have planned for my scripts, especially Enthusiast.

It will also hopefully mean more fun postings about tech and various non-sensitive Yahoo! stuff. :D For non-tech updates or maybe tech ramblings that are far too random for this blog, there is always my Livejournal, which anyone can watch if they so like. I do post publicly there time and time again.

I’ll see you around. ;)