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Getting tickets for awards night

Okay, non-writing post. Bear with me, because I’m also a little confused at how this goes. I’ve been waiting for an email from them since I expect that hey, someone will get in touch with me regarding attendance on the said event. I’m concerned that they haven’t started disseminating information about the awarding night earlier, but well that’s that. I’m a little confused now since I haven’t gotten an email yet but on the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards blog, they posted that you post about the event on your blog to get your event tickets. Uhm, alright? So if I didn’t think to visit their website, I won’t get a ticket? Or, I’d have to pay on the event itself? Or, OMG what if I arrive late? And all the tickets are gone since it’s limited seating? What if I plan to bring a friend along? I have to post twice to get two tickets?

Seriously, I don’t think this has been thought through very well. I also don’t think it’s been thought through about the whole semi-formal/formal dress code for the evening. Last I know, the Webbys don’t ask people to go in such glamorous attire. And these are bloggers, for crying out loud. I’m not saying bloggers aren’t capable of being glamorous and dressing up for an affair, but bloggers, more often than not, are casual people. They’re everyday people sharing wonderful tidbits and thoughts and opinions. You’re asking these everyday people to come dressed up to the nines?

I suppose I will still go, after all, I don’t want to seem like I’m treating the whole event like it’s not that important. It is and I’m very honored to have been chosen as a finalist, given that stellar panel of judges. I’m just a little disappointed at how apparently difficult it is to get tickets, to facilitate me bringing along a friend or two since I don’t want to sit in some corner.

If anyone wants to argue that it’s not really difficult, then I’m all for discussing it. Maybe it just boils down to a lack of proper communication and dissemination of information.

Edited to add: Apparently it’s (just?) a lack of proper communication. Tickets are given only to bloggers to make sure the night is for bloggers, hence the procedure. Finalists get two tickets each. There, that’s the basic rundown of who gets tickets, and how.