Domain problems

Ugh. My writing blog, Seasonal Plume, was chosen as a finalist for the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards, for the Best Blog Design special category. I have to admit I’ve been on a sort of high about it since finding out; unfortunately right now everything’s sort of chaotic because, my domain, expired on me. (For now you can see my writing log at

Words can’t express what I feel about this, seriously. The background of this whole situation is because when I bought my first domain, it was my friend who bought the domain for me way back in 2003. So the domain is in her account in NameCheap (I will not link them, damn them). I have my domains in another registrar, and I’ve always meant to transfer them over but somehow I never sort of got around to it; and now suddenly my domain is expired. It’s MY email address listed in the WHOIS database entry for, but NameCheap did not even contact me to tell me oy, your domain is expiring! Tell me, what sort of customer service is that? *shakes fist at NameCheap!*

The good news (sorta) is that they hold the domain when it’s expired for a while so hopefully I can get my friend to reregister it for me. is my first domain and thus has a lot of memories attached to it! ;) I’d hate to lose it. And frankly, I’d hate to get disqualified from the blog awards because of this. I’ve commented on their website (there were no email addresses or contact forms available… I don’t blame them, but that does make contacting them difficult! I’m not going to go around and emailing/commenting on the organizers blogs, that would be rude) and told them about my domain expiring and where my blog can be found for now — I hope they’re able to do something about it, and get the word out to the judges.


  • Thanks, Wesley! It’s been very hectic recently, what with moving to another country for work. I’ll be blogging about it here in a bit when I finally get time to sit down and write. :)

  • I agree. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and you share some great information. Your site looks great and recently you have shared some great stuff on Web 2.0. Keep it up Angela.

  • Thank you, Sam! :)

  • Congratulations, thats a great acheivement. Your blog does look very fine.

  • Thank you, Meredith! Yes, it was quitequitequite nerve-wracking, meeep. Mustn’t happen again!

  • Yurrgh! What awful troubles. I am happy that you got it fixed — and congrats on being chosen!! Your layouts are always lovely. xo Meredith

  • Shaza: Hello! Thanks for the link and the tips you gave me. We were able to get it re-registered the night after I posted this entry–thank God! So my domain problems have been dealt with for now, but the article you gave me was quite insightful; thanks! I also made an account at NameCheap just to make sure the domain gets transferred to me, though in the middle of the year I plan to get it moved over to the registrar I use since all of the domains I’ve regged is there and it’s easy to keep track of. :) Thanks so much for your concern! ♥

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  • Oh if you have any more questions on it, I can dig up some of my emails about it, since I suffered through it, I accidently let one of the domain names expire. Even now, its been a year, and no one can re-register for it. That’s how bad it is.

  • Wowww congratulations about your nomination!

    That is just horrible about your domain. What retards! I know that happened to one of my friends before. They actually let it expire and she found out about it, and they said that she had to pay about 100 dollars to get it back or something >_>. Just to tell you though, domains have this grace period to it. So it will be maybe months before it comes back for your friend to reregister it for you if it goes into that grace period, so whatever it is, get on them quick. Because its only a couple of days until your domain enters that period. I forgot what it’s called, but it costs a lot of money to get the domain back if you try to do it then. But other than that you have to wait long time to get it back and DONT let that happen. Here is some more info on it:

    There is a main domain registration place, I forgot what it’s called- where you can go through as well. Because if it expires, even where you registered it at, has no control over it anymore many of the times. I hope everything goes well for you though. Register your domain names under godaddy (or transfer them there). Since I sometimes get free domain names when I have to renew them I always transfer them to godaddy and pay the extra fee in doing so rather than keeping it with a random place. They are more reliable. Hosting is something you can get anywhere, but domain names you want in a safe place. =)