WP’s plugin directory

Doing my quick online skimming of articles (my friend just got me addicted to Digg, though I’ve never looked at it before, really) and came across WordPress’s new plugins directory. It’s predominantly good. Finally! It’s been a long time, and it’s finally out, and I’m glad it is. It looks spiffy at the onset, there’s even a Featured Plugin ad, and pretty buttons. Only, what is up with that font? It looks like some really bad anti-aliasing monster had fun:

Weird Anti-aliased text in WP’s plugins directory

I tried increasing and decreasing the text size of my browser, but it stays the same. What is up with it? After a while, I try to ignore it, even if “FYI” looks like “TYI”. Having made a small plugin myself (but never released it), I try to see what’s up in terms of submitting it. I try to log in, thinking that maybe I can use my Codex wiki account. Erm, no, it’s not working. I try to register, using my ever-trusty “angelamaria”. It tells me, Your username was not valid, please try again. Uhm, what? Maybe it needs the first letter capitalized like the wiki! But it tells me the same thing when I submit “Angelamaria”. I don’t get it. Why is it not valid? It doesn’t tell me anything really helpful. I have (once again) the sneaking suspicion that maybe it’s telling me I already have a user with that username! so I try to reset my password instead.

Hooray! I’m in. But maybe it could have been a little more helpful, or maybe point me in the right direction where I could update my password? Alright, well, I check out how to submit a plugin. Now, I’ve tried my hand at an version control software (VCS), and my toy, that is, tool, of choice is Bazaar. I’m not totally clueless, but the mention of Subversion repository just makes me scared anyway. I suppose all other plugin developers will be much more VCS-savvy than I am, but whatever the case, it feels like such a big deal when I just want to share my plugin!

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