Real life happened

Yes, real life happened, plus some other things mixed in between. Hence, no, I did not finish NanoWriMo (for the umpteenth time… that’s like my standard spiel for the end of November!) and I feel somewhat sad for this, although that sadness is something closer to a “token” sort of sadness — like, I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo so I should feel sad! although I’m not very upset or depressed about it. Real life happens, and real life must go on.

That said, I’m not giving up on my story. I’ve been wanting to revamp the whole thing, after all, so the story isn’t going to the Recycle Bin like my previous NaNo attempts. Hee!

I congratulate everyone who’s finished Nano, however! *pompoms!*

There is a super typhoon hitting my country today, and I think where I live (and where I will be going home tonight) it must be raining already. Meep! Let’s hope power lines don’t get cut — the last time, we were electricity-less for almost two weeks. :p

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