Ah, glorious weekend!

Yes, it’s finally the weekend. I will write this weekend, I will see to it that I will write! My goal for this weekend is to reach 18,000 words. I should have reached 20,000 words by Sunday (according to my NaNo calendar!) but I will try to be realistic — 12,000 words in two days could be a bit of a challenge, although if the muse hits it could also definitely be easy ;)

Plan of action: write offline. Stay up late to write while the rest of the house is quiet. Somehow, that’s always been rather conducive to my writing. I also found that I like the fact that only the lamp is lit when I’m writing in my room (yes, disconnected from teh intarwebz). Write snippets of scenes if need be, but write, write, write! Dream of my characters. It doesn’t matter if I know the content will be cut when I edit the story a few months down the line, the point is that I have to get the writing out and I have to let my characters show me who they are!

Ahem. Now I shall go on up and try to do as I said. ;) Let’s hope I actually write and not end up procrastinating and doing the 1847612387428 things I also need to do. :P

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