The wait that is Enthusiast 3.1

I would like to apologize for the insane wait for Enthusiast 3.1 (if there are people waiting!) — I would like to be able to give all sorts of reasons, and I could (so much has happened offline) but it all boils down to not having either the time or the motivation to work on continuing to fix bugs for Enth 3.1. If it’s not one, it’s the other.

It’s very frustrating even for me, as a big part of me just wants to get this over and done with! To keep everyone in the loop, the problem “happened” when I attempted to use PEAR’s Mail package to handle sending emails from Enth. It wasn’t in the “planned” changes, and it was admittedly a mistake to insert it in the middle of beta testing (bad Angela!) — I should have held on to it for Enth 3.2 or something. I apologize. At the time, it was a GREAT IDEA, hence my excitement in getting it into Enth.

Why use PEAR Mail instead of however Enth does it right now? Sending mail using PHP’s native mail() function is great if you’re sending one or two. But the problem happens when you’re sending to all members, for example — it’s highly likely that PHP will time out because it’s taking a long time to send all the emails. (I would go into a more techie explanation, but never mind.) But ever since I used PEAR Mail in one project, I’d loved it ever since because mail sending is so much faster. You won’t notice it when you’re sending an email to one person, but when you’re sending to all members, the time difference is noticeable.

The problem is that a few beta testers are having problems with it. It apparently won’t send email notifications. To me, it happens on and off — sometimes I get an email, sometimes I don’t. Or maybe I get everything, but I just don’t notice (whenever I test it, it works; I can’t check every new member against an email in my mailbox, boo).

So, that’s the problem. I admit, if I had a solution in mind already for this problem, I would be much more motivated to work on it, but because I never seem able to replicate the actual problem, it’s a BIG damper. :P I plan to keep trying, though, rest assured. :)