Network names FTW

I’ve always been interested in, well, interesting network names, and look down at all the boring “Linksys” and “2WIRERANDOMNUMBERS” networks found all over the world.

But why not change it up a little?

  • Back when I was working for STORM Consulting and we were very much a startup, Pao and I worked in Peter’s condo, which was on the 20th floor. Of course, the network name was “STORM”. After a while, we noticed that one of our neighbors had named his network Clouds. We don’t know if he thought we were being cheeky with connecting to [the] storm, but certainly connecting to clouds was as cheeky can be.
  • In the same vein, a current neighbor has selected the Universe to be where he’s getting information from.
  • When we finally went wireless for the house back in the Philippines, we thought for a good while before we finally opted to use No connection available. I don’t know if it fooled anyone.
  • I once found a network named Turtles. I sure hope it wasn’t indicative of the download rate!
  • When I finally got my internet connected at my new place, it was tough deciding on what network name to use. Finally, I am now connecting to Teh Intarwebz.

What’s yours?