Hello world!

Welcome to Whimsical.Nu! I’ve long been itching to do something new, and considering my rather lackluster involvement in anything hobbyistic online recently, I’ve decided to pretty much change everything up. The best result of this is a new domain, and something that I feel closely matches a large part of who I am. ;)

As a result, Whimsical will be my personal blog where I attempt to reconcile different parts of who I am: the geek who is in love with Web and tech, the reader who loves getting lost in books, the writer who is still trying to be courageous enough to dare to write, and the gamer who loves both casual games and RPGs.

This change does come with a cost, however; a number of my websites will soon be retiring, or taking a significant backseat.

  1. Scripts.Indisguise.Org will return to its “roots”; it will be back to a script archive, and scripts will move to an “as is” stage. This is one of the saddest changes I’ll be doing; I don’t know when (or even if) I’ll come back to linkware scriptwriting. Entries have been moved over; comments are closed on these entries.
  2. Seasonal Plume will also take a backseat, and will be “shut down” with a link back to here. I won’t be letting it go (ah, the memories!) but until I figure out what to do with it, it will be… well, existing. Entries have been moved over here, but comments are closed.

Naturally, you can still see me over at my personal journal. The difference between that journal and this blog lies in precisely how they’re called; the journal is writing for myself but to an audience, and this blog is writing for an audience.

I realize that this change may concern a number of you who are interested in Indiscripts and/or Enthusiast. I’d like to go into more detail on what may happen to both, but it will need to be for some other time. Please check back sometime!

As for new things, I’ve added a “Gamer” category. At the moment there is nothing there (hee), but for a while now I’ve been sucked into playing World of Warcraft, which I have been studiously avoiding ever since it went out. Being a bit of a gamer back in college, I just knew it would take up a lot of my time if I started. WOW isn’t the only thing I play, although it’s the only patently “gamer”-esque game I play. My iPhone has three pages full of games, and I’ve deleted about half of the ones I’ve played. ;)

Well, so that’s the new Whimsical blog, please excuse any exposed plumbing you come across while I continue to do a bit of spring cleaning! It can’t help to tell me about it, as well. I’ll get everything scrubbed and polished soon enough. ;)