Humangear are good humans

Since the first time I saw and purchased my GoToob travel tubes, I’ve relied on them for all my travel toiletry needs. They’re super handy, easily washable, and best of all, they aren’t messy. They never leak in my bag, they don’t fall out of my soapy hands while showering, one squeeze and it’s done.

Of course, over the years I’ve ended up with a few GoToob mishaps. My initial purchases included tubes with a suction cup that is designed to be stuck to your bathroom wall for an even less-mess setup. This was fantastic. One morning, I came into the bathroom to find the tube on my shower floor. I picked it up, stuck it back, and went on my way. Another morning not long after, the same thing happened, and this time the cap had chipped. I gave up on sticking it to my wall.

GoToob chipped caps

Fast forward to about five years or so later, I’ve got about five tubes and two chipped caps. (I didn’t EXACTLY gave up.) One cap’s hinge had also lifted slightly. None of these problems actually interfered with the tube’s usability–nothing leaked and the caps would open and close well–but it aggravated my slight obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and as for the latter, it would catch in all sorts of places–my towel, my clothes, my finger. (Ouch.)

During my last GoToob purchase I found out they did lifetime warranty, but as someone who didn’t live in the US I had never really bothered. But I remembered it fairly recently and I decided to give it a shot anyway, emailing them and telling them what happened, and if it was possible to even find replacement caps in Singapore.

Danielle responded to me and told me it wasn’t a problem, and I should just send her my mailing address. I was just about to leave for a trip at the time, so I ended up getting back to her a whole month afterward. I didn’t hear anything after that, but I got a package from humangear last week.

It wasn’t just three caps.

GoToob cap replacements and friends

It was five. And friends.

I am chuffed. Absolutely chuffed. Plus, she sent along a small GoTubb which I’d actually been curious about for a while now, since I always bring a bunch of vitamin C tablets while I’m out of the country. This is the perfect time to give them a whirl.

I’m really pleased when I get nice service like this, and I always feel it’s good to highlight companies who go the extra mile. Thank you, Danielle and humangear! :)