First (audio)books in a series

I seem to be mentioning audio books a lot in this blog. Frankly, audio books comprise a very small portion of my total reading, as I prefer the very tangible feel of paper against my fingers and the crisp letters on the page. However, audio books are also wonderful in their own way–with a good narrator, the book comes to life and draws you irresistibly in.

One thing that I love doing with my subscription is to use my credits to buy the first books in an interesting series. While not all my audio book purchases are first in a series, a good chunk of my purchases are those first books: after that, I straightaway buy the same book plus the next books in the series.

This is because I feel that audio books, for me, are a great way to discover new worlds (be they whole worlds or personal ones). I am a fast reader; audio books “force” me to slow down and really get into the book (provided the narrator is good), giving me a great view (or, listen) into the beauty the series can be.

And this is why, when I found out about Audible’s First Books in Popular Series sale, I knew I had to blog about it. They are as low as $4.49 each, and the sale ends at February 8 11:59pm Australian ET. That is quite a steal for these babies, which can easily get up to $20 and more. I personally won’t be using any of my credits for this, because it’s so much cheaper than what I’m paying for the subscription per month ;) There is a wide range of genres available, from teen and YA, to adult mystery and suspense and historical romance and chick lit and…yeah.

First Books in Popular Series sale at

An important note: you’ll notice if you go to that link, that there is no information about the sale–this is because apparently, only members are given this opportunity :( That kind of sucks, really. If you are not yet a member, you might want to try it out. The Audible Listener Gold monthly membership has a (seemingly never-ending) promo where your first three months are only $7.49 ($14.95 usual price which kicks in at the fourth month), and you can cancel any time. Now: I cannot be totally sure if totally new members will also be able to join the First Books in Popular Series sale, but I have asked and I will try to update this post ASAP. If yes, then I have checked with their customer support and yes, all active members including those who have just joined will be able to join the sale. If you see a number of audio books that you like, I daresay the $7.49 you pay to get good discounts in the audio books you want is worth it–you can just cancel after the first month if you like. :)

Please note: I am not getting anything from posting about this sale here. I’m not even an affiliate or whatever! I don’t receive a thing from Audible with this post. It’s just that I believe in the power of audio books with first in series books, and I thought this was too good an opportunity to miss. :D

Personally, I got Jim Butcher’s Storm Front of The Dresden Files for $5.04; I am eyeing a couple others but I will have a think about them for now–some of the first in series books I have been looking at aren’t included :(

I hope you find something in the list!