Reaper of Souls, a half-asleep ramble

Two things I confirmed after playing a little Reaper of Souls, the first expansion for Diablo III:

  1. I am a scaredy cat. At some point in Act V, I decided it was better to reorganize my stash than go fight the boss. And then Jaydee arrived and I joined him to do Act I on crusaders instead.
  2. I still like dressing things up. I maxed out my Mystic just to transmog my armor on my baby crusader. Yeah baby.

I wasn’t really planning on playing Diablo III again. When it was released, after killing Diablo in Act IV, I lost interest. But a couple friends urged and I thought I’d check it out again during the bonus XP weekend, where I leveled up my wizard (Eilonwyn) from 35 to 60 plus a few paragon levels.

Silmarien, my World of Warcraft paladin, lives again as a crusader (she might live again in the future in her original persona, but we’ll see). She has better voice than Eilonwyn.

Black Hole, the level 61 wizard skill, is suitably impressive. Definitely saved my life a few times when I had one too many things beating on me. (Note to self: go back to normal difficulty.) (I had only discovered archon the day before. Wowza.)

#100happydays day 58 - reaper of souls launch! Paused act v to play transmog dressup for my crusader. Haha

It will probably take me a while to finish Act V. Cough.