Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet roundup

Quoth page settings and designers and developers, “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet!” There are a lot of available services to help you with your fake Latin needs. From those who swear by it to those who spurn it in favor of REAL text, there is a generator for everybody.

  • The tried-and-true lipsum.com generator. I’ve been using this for a long, long time. Aside from an explanation of what lorem ipsum is, you get to specify how many words/paragraphs/bytes/lists. Nifty!
  • Oh-so-shiny Fillerati. For those who spurn fake Latin, Fillerati allows you to choose or randomizes for you from a selection of classic books. Grabbing your text is easy–hover and adjust the number of words/paragraphs/etc and click to copy either plain text or marked-up text. Shiny, is it not?
  • Menu-bar goodness in LittleIpsum. A Mac OSX application that shows on your menu bar and gives you fake Latin at the click of the mouse! Currently only for 10.4 and below, but 10.5+ version in the works, apparently!
  • A dashboard widget to Loremify your work. Another shiny OSX tool that functions just with a click of a button.

I know, I know, all those apps were for OSX! Fine. Here is one for you Windows people: Lorem Ipsum Generator. Happy?

Of course, there are a lot of extensions available for Firefox, and there is one for Chrome.