Kinokuniya haul, 4 April

My Kinokuniya foray last weekend was probably the most successful Kinokuniya trip to date. I came away with the following goodies:

  1. The Dark is Rising Sequence, by Susan Cooper – I picked up Over Sea, Under Stone over the weekend (a BookMooch find!) and was quite thoroughly hooked, hence even though I’d prefer getting the books individually, when the second book wasn’t in stock and the rest didn’t seem like it would hold out much longer, I didn’t hesitate; I took the compilation. Hence the whole sequence looks like a “proper” long fantasy book for me now, being quite thick and in small print to boot. I’m not really complaining; I pretty much got the whole set at less than S$10 per book.
  2. Lord Sunday, by Garth Nix – It’s in the same edition as the rest of my Keys to the Kingdom books, albeit in hardcover. I don’t mind; I’d been looking for this for a good while and it was the only copy on the shelf. I wasn’t going to pass it up.
  3. The Fall of Gilead, by Stephen King/Robin Furth – squee! Next installment of the Dark Tower graphic novels. The artwork is still superb, but the story is even more chilling and depressing. Well, it is the fall of Gilead after all. While parts of the previous two issue compilations we know about from Roland’s memories in the books, this part of his history is something quite new. We know some things–like the grapefruit tricking Roland into shooting his mother sort of thing–but we don’t know a lot more, like what happened to Cort, to the gunslingers, and to everybody else. It’s painful to read for all the death that comes, thankee sai, but very riveting.

Three books I’ve been looking for, or waiting for…and they were all there for the taking. EBIL LAFF.

(In other words: hello! I need to get back to blogging. A bit of a website layout tweak is in order, methinks.)

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