Gasp, a website update?

Yep, I actually went and worked a little bit on my blog over the weekend! I updated WordPress (it’s shameful how far behind it’s been), and more noticeably, I changed the font out. I’m not entirely sure if I want to keep it or revert back. It is pretty, yes, but gosh–that Flash of Unstyled Text (or worse, no text) is horrible. Plus, Firebug tells me that Firefox is trying to get the font file every single time I reference it in my stylesheet.

That is plain horrible–no one needs a font multiple times–and it is making me seriously rethink this. I know, I know–it’s a blog, and I very much doubt I have readers who would still be on dialup. But it is taunting me and my years shaving kilobytes off page loading time D:

Tell me, is it worth it?

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