A (determined plan to) return to making notebooks

Today was one of those roller coaster days, and true to my sex, a bit of shopping seemed to be the best way to cheer myself up. So on the way back, I dropped by the newly-opened scrapbooking/paper crafts store in Raffles City and picked up a couple shiny new toys for paper crafts, like bone folders and stuff for punching holes and scoring. (I know, retail therapy usually means pretty frills like clothes and shoes. But, these are shiny!) My hunt for that elusive book press and other bookbinding tools here in Singapore is turning up to be a bit of a dead end; and I don’t have access to encyclopedias (!!) for a makeshift book press. (Am I desperate enough to buy this book press online?)

Coptic Binding by Moira Clunie (moirabot)

Coptic Binding by Moira Clunie (moirabot)

Maybe it’s a sign I should seriously try my hand at Coptic stitch binding, which doesn’t need a book press. Coptic binding is plain sewing, and doesn’t necessarily use glue for the spine (though it can be done as well); and when nicely done it’s a beautifully stitched book–most (if not all) books bound this way have open spines to show off the stitches. Plus the book can be opened all the way without any spine damage.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried my hand at it before, and the result was quite a disaster :( I’d be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a klutz with crafts (well, with almost anything, actually). I’ve only done it once however, and hopefully practice will make perfect? After all, once I get the hang of it, it should actually be “better” than the old way I’ve been binding–Angela and glue doesn’t mix.

I did find quite a lot more resources online on Coptic binding now than before, such as this gem, which is much more helpful than plain diagrams. Now I just have to get myself some needles, thread suitable for book binding, and nice pretty (well, at least thick) paper. Hopefully Spotlight has huge needles and thick thread; I really have idea where else I can get them. If all goes well, this weekend will be (note)book binding weekend! *rubs hands in glee*