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I’ve been meaning to do a post on my World of Warcraft UI for a while now, mostly because I love tweaking my UI and seeing other people’s game UI as well. Unfortunately it’s always been delayed because I keep discovering addons, better ways of using addons, and not being satisfied with screenshots I take.

So I’ve decided I’ll just post two screenshots — one which is fairly recent but in solo dummy combat, and another slightly dated screenshot in a ten-man raid. Both shots are of my mage UI, although my priest UI is very similar (only a couple settings like aura changes are different).

WoW UI screenshot in solo mode

WoW UI screenshot in solo mode (click to enlarge)

WOW UI Screenshot (click to enlarge)

WOW UI Screenshot (click to enlarge)

The addon differences are minimal; the only change visible is the switch from using FuBar to LibDataBroker/DockingStation (as well as general cleanup of some actions on the action bar). I’ll list all the endgame addons I use later, but wanted to point out a few notable addons, most of them visible in the screenshot:

Pitbull 4
Used to customize unit frames (target, raid, etc). On a 25-man raid, there are 5 columns down the lower portion, extending to the left of the currently-shown raid members.
Satrina Buff Frames
A really great buff organizer, I use this to show only buffs in the top right corner, my debuffs below my unit frame, target buffs and debuffs I care about below the target frame, debuffs I need to track/refresh on my target (not shown in screenshot), and short-term buffs I get (upper left of my toon).
Power Auras Classic
Power Auras combat procs on mage

I use it for immediate, visual representations of stuff I need to react to. Now it’s just mostly buffs, procs and cooldown availabilities, but earlier I’ve also used POWA to show important debuffs like a Grobbulus injection and Thaddius charges. The screenshot shows my combat auras when I’m at, er, full power: Missing Barrage, Arcane Blast stacked to 4, Arcane Power, Icy Veins, a shield is on me and Incanter’s Absorption has procced, plus another random spellpower proc (like Lightweave for example).

Deadly Boss Mods
The must-have of raiding. I also use it for timers like when I can click my pew pew button again, when I can use the last ticks of Icy Veins to Evocate if I needed to, or when to pop Invisibility when my Mirror Images are about to expire.
I like having buttons in easy reach, and rearranging them around my screen.
WoW LunarSphere addon extendedA relatively unknown addon, but really fabulous. It’s also an action bar replacement addon but I like using it and bartender together especially for my mage. It’s collapsed in my screenshots as I’m in combat (you can choose not to collapse them automatically, naturally) but in the smaller screenshot on the right you can see that buttons around the sphere can be expanded into submenus. I use it to house my portals, professions, food, buffs, and whatnot. There are a LOT more utility features in the addon, as well.
Sunn Viewport Art
I like the cinematic feel of the viewport set up the way it is. It also shows me a lot more than how it is normally.

Here’s an annotated screenshot of the raid screenshot above. I’ve since replaced FuBar as previously mentioned, as well as LiveStats with LDB plugins as well.

WOW UI Screenshot, annotated (click to enlarge)

WOW UI Screenshot, annotated (click to enlarge)

And my list of endgame addons (endgame addons mean stuff like QuestHelper, Auctioneer, etc aren’t included):

I’m always on the lookout for useful addons and ideas on UI improvement, so probably this time next month my UI will be slightly different again. XD Would love to hear about any addons others are using, so comment if you have a suggestion or question!

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