Move forward, say yes, choose happiness.

I haven’t done a proper year-ender or new year post! (How obvious.) So I’m doing a one-week-into-the-new-year post.

My 2009 was…interesting, to say the least. I’ve been going through my journal entries starting January last year, and it’s interesting how the year has gone on, some things have been under way long before you started noticing! I’ve gone to more new places this year, re-discovered old friends and made new ones even in the unlikeliest people, and found heartache in the ones I thought I could trust. It’s a curious mix, of happiness and sadness, of boredom and stagnation and exciting new vistas. It’s bittersweet; for all the pain that’s been my share, there has always been a silver lining somewhere.

2010 is a new year, and what better way to spend it than moving forward? Things will not always fall into place, and I will get hurt, and I will cry; but this year, I will focus on moving forward, saying yes, and choosing happiness.

I will move forward: sometimes, things just don’t work out. No amount of fixing, tears, and hours spent on it works, and the only result is a lot of baggage being carried along for the longest time. I will learn from the past, and then close the book on them; I will move forward with the things that matter.

I will say yes: admittedly I saw this from a friend’s journal post, and I loved the idea. (I also realize there’s a comedy movie on this. Yes, I’ve not been watching my movies.) So many things in the past year happened only because I said yes, when it was easier and more comfortable to say no. So many good and wonderful things, I must add. So what better way to spend the new year than saying yes? (Warning: only works when the thing in question is reasonable. Lol!) I’ve started doing this consciously and it feels so liberating.

I will choose happiness: life is too short and fleeting to dwell on what hurts us.

“I find it hard to forgive.”

“What is there to forgive?” demanded Rochester. “Ignore forgive and concentrate onĀ living. Life for you is short; far too short to allow small jealousies to infringe on the happiness which can be yours only for the briefest of times.”

(On a very random note, my room is pretty once again! Admittedly I might just be a bit attached to the new mauve bedsheet and white pillows.)