Looking for motivation

Right, I need a new journal/blog like I need a third pair of eyes (…on second thought, a third pair of eyes probably isn’t a bad idea), and I’m not “switching” (my permanent account at LiveJournal is doing very well), but skimming through the Dreamwidth newsletter is somewhat inspiring, and it’s making me feel nostalgic.

Take this gem:

This week gave us 45 resolved bugs (mark and fu were rocking the review queue), which are described in this week’s code tour by sporky_rat.

So, I realize that not everyone will read that and think coding and resolving 45 bugs in a week is “fun” and “glamorous”. However, it reminds me of the days when I was working on Enthusiast and my other scripts, of working on my couple dozen websites. It was fulfilling and fun to set out to do something and have it done quickly.

Now, where to find the motivation to look at PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript after a day’s work on the same thing? Or even to go back to web design? That’s what I’d like to know.

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