This week’s stash

There was an unexpected 20% off sale at Kinokuniya today, and I’m extremely glad I went. :D I found out only when I was paying for my stash. I’m almost insanely glad I did go ahead and got a lot of books, and am slightly sad I didn’t get another Hanadan volume to grace my shelves. But that’s okay–I shouldn’t spend too much on books. I shouldn’t! This week alone, I bought ten books. Four from the Carrefour books sale, and six from Kinokuniya.

I got these books at $5 at Carrefour:

All four are books I wouldn’t really buy at their usual prices, as I am always a bit skeptical. But they looked rather interesting and were in alright quality, so hey, why not? The stash from Kinokuniya were certainly more interesting for me:

I already bought Nix’s Mister Monday during my last trip to Kinokuniya, and finished it last night (easy, exciting read! Will review sometime), hence I went ahead and bought all the next ones. The available Superior Saturday was in a different edition, so I didn’t get it.

The best thing is, Breaking Dawn is also in tradeback! Like the rest of my Twilight Saga books. Squee! I haven’t started reading yet, because I’d like to finish Isabel Allende’s Zorro first, and Breaking Dawn is a thick book :P No spoilers please! I realize it disappointed a lot of people, but I’d really like to make my own opinions.