Joys of adaptations

2006 Jane Eyre, Take 1I think I’ve witnessed one very personal reason for me to enjoy and love adaptations of books: they really do open up the beauty of the story to other audiences.

My younger sister, Biel, isn’t a reader. She did not pick up the hobby nor the habit–her interests and talents are of a more aural and visual nature. That would usually mean that the more “involved” books like the classics are pretty much not going to “happen” for her.

Over the holidays however, we watched the 2009 Emma miniseries as my older sister hasn’t watched it yet. It was late in the night and we were all in one room, so there was little else for her to do ;) Biel watched with us, and at the end of the miniseries she was all, “Wow. This is the first time I’ve actually watched stuff like this and understood it!”

The next day we proceeded to watch Jane Eyre, as my cousin hasn’t watched it (although she realized that she had, but we continued with it) and she also joined us then, even though there were plenty of other things to do, with relatives there and all. She wasn’t able to stay the whole time, but afterward she asked about some of the details she missed out on.

I was having a Jane Eyre discussion with my younger sister!

So, people, don’t be too hard on adaptations. I realize they don’t stick 100% to the book and omg this is a disgrace! but if the spirit of the book is kept, and it is not too mangled about, that’s fine. It’s exposure to the wonderful story that it is. :)

Disclaimer: I do not profess to be unfeeling, however, if someone insults a book I love in favor of the adaptation. For shame! D:

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