Bowling (right into the gutter)!

I haven’t gone bowling in a long time. I don’t do very well at it, my coordination is bad and my throwing weak! To illustrate:

0 - 0 - 0

What, it’s not golf scoring? :D I did so poorly in the first game that on the third round in the second game (shown above), they put up the gutter guard rails for me. Yes, my dear friends, I managed to sink the damn 9kg bowling ball into the gutter with the guard rails up. How’s that for skill! :D I saw the local kids in the lane next to us laugh along with our mad capering and cheering at my amazing talent. ;)

Well, the ball managed to ricochet along the lane and hit something after that ;)

By the end of our three and a half games, I thankfully was able to get a spare without my ball meeting any of the guard rails! Only once, but it feels like an accomplishment already! I had cut my nails short for this (apparently not short enough–my thumb’s nail still has some tearing) and I’m thankful it wasn’t all for naught.

Maybe I should try some more!