Book sale at Carrefour Suntec

There’s yet another book sale at Carrefour Suntec, near where I work, with books starting from S$5. The last time they had this sale, I went home with around a dozen or more books overall. It’s books of all kinds, and in all conditions. I got away with a couple good ones, although it can take a while to soft through the piles and piles of books.

What I like best about book sales like these is that because of the lower price tag, you’ll just go ahead and get a few somewhat interesting titles, or books you wouldn’t buy at the usual prices but you want copies of.

I didn’t go in, though; I have around 20+ books in my bookshelf that are on my to-read list :s and I really shouldn’t add to the stuff I’m going to need to pack up when I move at the end of this month. It’s only the first day; I really hope I’m able to last this one out.