A view of Everest

I saw Everest!

I’ve never ridden a propeller plane before. But I did! In Nepal. We initially weren’t planning to take a mountain flight, it was one of the last things to go on our planned itinerary. I’m glad we went. Some friends told me riding a propeller plane is scary, but it wasn’t; maybe I was just lucky.

Ready for take off

(By the way, did you know that the right way to pronounce Everest, as in the mountain, is EEV-rest? Eve as in the name! I didn’t know that.)

Our mountain flight was 6:30am and it was a wet, rainy morning and we doubted the flight would push through, but once we were up the clouds the rain seemed to stop–well, we were higher than the rain, I suppose!

Of course, the fact that it was a rainy morning gave us a good chance of seeing a rainbow, too :)

Rainbow over Kathmandu
Valley View from above
View from above

When we arrived within viewing distance of Everest, we were each given a bit less than a minute each to view Everest from the cockpit of the propeller plane.

Cho-oyu (8201m)
Everest / Sagarmatha (8848m)
Lhotse (8516m)
and either Makalu (8463m) and/or Kanchanjunga (8586m)

From the cockpit
Everest and Lhotse from across the aisle
Everest and Lhotse

I am even more in awe of people who attempt to summit the peak.

A whimsical rating:

  Definitely worth going to, put this into your itinerary!


  • Those are some stunning shots! It must’ve been an amazing experience! It’s kinda strange to look at your photos, where Everest seem so beautiful and serene, and know how many people climb up there and die. Such contrast, it’s humbling.

    • Thank you! Yes, it was an amazing experience, and it did make me think of the many climbers who have attempted. As they say, it is the journey that matters, but it still feels really sad at how many lives Everest has claimed.

  • Whoa. That is absolutely amazing. Seeing those pictures really filled me with a great deal of emotion. I guess you have really captured the magnitude of it as well as the beauty. It would be a truly enlightening place to see in person.

    • I can only imagine being able to actually summit the peak! Even seeing it from the plane was awe-inspiring.